Come ride with us on Maui

Maui Ponies grew out of the love of our little hooved pals on the slopes Haleakala of the island of Maui. As kids we rode all over Haiku, Makawao, Kula in pastures, along quiet roads and short cuts through pineapple fields. Now that we are adults, we wanted to share the fun! Please call Melissa Sowers, proprieter, for more information on how you and your child can have a taste of horseback riding on "little horses" or ponies at your next birthday party, wedding, luau, fun day, family reunion, school picnic, or just have us over to help out your baby sitter for the afternoon(just kidding... well maybe)!

The GREAT Experience

If you've never met a horse or pony we HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! These are doscile and kindly animals that love attention. If even you do not want to ride, we will bring a pony for you to meet upon special arrangement. Animals can be theraputic and confidence building in ANYONE. We salute those who have encouraged their kids to ride while they are young!


We could try to post many different rates to cover every situation, but that would be a lot of web pages! Please give us a call or email*. This way we can assist you with the timing involved, the necessary site requirements, how many, and what size of animals we'll bring to the party! For instance: for a small birthday of 6 year olds, we could just bring one small pony for an hour... for a large family reunion we could bring ponies and horses and extra assistants so several riders can ride at the same time for a whole afternoon!


Melissa Sowers
info@mauiponies.com *

*If we don't make contact with you within 24 hours, please call us. Sometimes we get very busy with events and don't check email as often as we should.